The Art of Stillness


By Amanda King

In modern society we are taught that being busy can equate to being productive, and productivity can equate to achieving. Tick, tick, tick to do list. “I’ve got loads done today, someone give me a medal and now I can’t sleep.”

In the UK, modern society is in a constant state of ‘busy’ (or Yang if you like) - we’re all burnt out. Fact. We don’t ever just be still, in a room, with no stimulation (aka Netflix) - it’s almost an alien concept to us now. When you come to Yoga and sit with yourself, it can be pretty uncomfortable. Awkward almost.

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”
– William Shakespeare

So one of the first things I ask you to do is to ‘give yourself permission to enjoy the stillness’. The brain can reject this idea and it will make the body move, a little scratch of the nose, a little twitch, a little wriggle. Another way to put it is this; - when we do Yoga or any type of meditative exercise that slows down your heart rate, it means that you are tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system. The one that tells the brain - you are ok, you are safe, you can relax now.

If I said to you, in class, you are doing one of the most productive and beneficial things for your body and yourself would the brain be more at ease? Would it accept that you can tune in and zone out?

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