Spring, Spring, Spring

I have been inspired by seeing the first snowdrops break through and my mind is getting excited about the Spring Wellness day.

Spring, is a season where I feel like it perhaps has one of the most notable shifts not just for nature, but for us human beings. We can be outside more, it’s lighter, we can peel away from our hibernation stage.


Venue requirements..


First stop: VENUE. I would really like for the Yoga session we do to be outside, amongst nature breathing fresh air, which will be coming to be more active, more alive. The venue is a really important part in that. However, there are some key aspects that I have to look for.

  • Can you do Yoga outside?

  • Can you do Yoga inside if it rains?

  • Are the facilities nice?

  • Is the location easy to get to?

  • Are the transport links easy?

  • Is there a kitchen?

  • Does it fit within the budget?

  • Can you park there?

  • Is there a minimum stay?

  • Will I have the whole use of the place?

  • Will it be quiet for the Yoga?

  • Does it have Yoga equipment?

  • Does it have storage?

    It’s important to keep the cost down as I want to make these events as accessible to as many as I can.

I checked out this incredible venue last year at the recommendation of a friend. It is beautiful and only over the bridge in Wales (took me 60 mins on the nose). It’s called Three Pools.

Once you are there you feel as though you could be in France! They have 3 barns, 3 lakes (hence the name) and a main house that was being renovated when I went to check it out.

I can see some magical times here already, breathing as a group in one of the outdoor barns, fire pits at dusk on the terrace stargazing whilst keeping warm, food coming out of the kitchen as we sit and talk and eat after a day of stretching our bodies and stilling our minds.

It could be too far for a day event, but who knows perhaps a long weekend retreat soon waking up in a comfy bell tent to a blue sky and fresh air knowing a healthy, nutritious breakfast is waiting for you, followed by a day of connecting back to nature and back to your breath.

Sounds blissful right?

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